Marcelo in Italy-The Milano Taranto

Marcelo is back on the road and this time he landed in Italy to take part in the re-enactment of the famous Milano Taranto! The Milano -Taranto is a historic motorcycle race that ran from 1937 to 1940 and from 1950 to 1956 with the route stretching from Milan to Naples, and more specifically from Milano to Taranto. The race was deemed too dangerous after a series of unfortunate events in the racing world and brought to a halt in 1957.

Italian motorcycling pioneers Tazio Nuvolari and Bianchi Freccia Azzurra               (Photo courtesy of

In 1987, a group of passionate motorcycle enthusiasts decided to recreate the route and celebrate the classic machines that used to ride along it. The event now celebrates 31 years of keeping the spirit of Italian motorcycle racing alive. This year Marcelo decided to travel to Italy to do the ride himself!

I arrived a few days early with to visit the wine regions of Barolo, Alba, Barbaresco and Asti. I started in Milano, then headed toward Turin to visit my Cousin Mairangela, the one and only relative that we have in Italy.”

Where to first?
“Later that afternoon, despite my long flight from New York City, I had some energy left in me. So I drove to visit a friend nearby, who collects and sell motorcycles. His name Michelangelo Poccetino and he was a great motocross rider in his time and has quite his own collection today. It was so good to see him again!”


Marcelo with good friend Michelangelo Poccetino
Michelangelo’s shop.

Now it was time for the race! The Milano-Taranto is a step back in time.  Most of the bikes that participated are the same models that would have raced back in the 1950’s and other vintage classics. Marcelo himself rode a 1972 Moto Guzzi GT 750. Over the 5 day race, Marcelo decided to participate in the part of the event called “Moto Assaggiatore” which roughly translates to motorcycle taster. The Milan-Taranto has always been known for the delicious food that awaited the participants at the checkpoints. So with the recreation of the event, came the creation of the “Tasters”.


“For some people like me who aren’t into check points and exact starting times, they included a tourist class. In addition to riding the exact route, we get to stop and taste the food at each location. Our job was to evaluate and rate the quality and taste of all of the food at every stop. A big task for sure, but someone has to do it!”
Spaghetti anyone?

Marcelo enjoyed beautiful Italian architecture at every turn and was greeted by all of the locals and fellow participants at a few wineries along the way.

“The Italian style is reflected in most of the architecture. It’s so beautiful and unique- the buildings speak for themselves. There were amazing views at all of the vineyards and no public tasting rooms. Everything is done in town by wine shops and stores, so everyone can mingle and get to know each other”

The trip was very memorable for Marcelo and the time spent on the bike was just as rewarding as the time spent off of it. A special thank you to the people of Italy for keeping the Milano-Taranto alive and well! Until next time! CIAO!