Ducati 1952 Cruiser

Marcelo Doffo shares his fascination with Ducati and the story of his search for the rare 1952 Ducati Cruiser.

Ducati was never originally dedicated to scooters, but twice in factory history they tried building a scooter. The first was revealed in January of 1952 at the Milan fair just to compete with the two biggest scooter companies in Italy: Vespa and Lambretta, and their dominant invasion of the market.

The development of the 1952 Cruiser was the first scooter for Ducati. The Cruiser boasted many innovations for that time. It was the very first scooter with a 4 stroke engine, over head valves, and an electric starter. Giovanni Fiori developed the engine, an automatic 3 speed transmission, in cooperation with the exotic car design firm, “Ghia.” The idea was to produce a product aimed at a special segment of the population, with superior characteristics and an unmistakable look. Read more...

Catching Up With Why We Ride Stars: Meet the Doffos

Catching Up With Why We Ride Stars: Meet the Doffos

The Doffo Winery sits on the northeast border of the Temecula Valley in California. It is situated on 15 acres of rolling vineyards and the winery has a unique combination of old world charm and a warm family feeling. But the draw for many riders is the Doffo family’s private collection of over 100 racing and vintage motorcycles, which resides in the MotoDoffo Barrel Room.

The father and son team of Marcelo and Damian Doffo are featured in Why We Ride. Damian recounts when producer/director Bryan H. Carroll and his wife visited the Doffo Winery for a wine tasting and mentioned that the Doffos would be great in his “film.” “We didn’t think it was true until the camera crew came. And then it really hit us when we were at the Red Carpet Premiere in Los Angeles.” Read more...

Hidden Gem: Temecula’s MotoDoffo and Winery

The diverse collection of motorcycles scooters and memorabilia of the MotoDoffo winery.

Hidden Gem: Temecula’s MotoDoffo and Winery

I didn’t expect much when I heard Honda had arranged for a wine tasting. Imagine my surprise when I found out this is where the wine tasting took place, inside the barrel room of Temecula’s Doffo Winery.

From rare scooters to obscure motorcycles to prized Ducatis, the MotoDoffo collection features a vast variety of bikes and memorabilia.

American Honda’s Jon Seidel (l) and MotoDoffo’s Damian Doffo hold up a bottle Doffo Winery did to celebrate the 2014 Valkyrie press launch.

I shared this as part of a sidebar to the 2014 Honda Valkyrie First Ride article, but thought it worthy of further mention beyond a sidebar so I added a little more information. Read more...

Doffo Winery – Proud To Be Small

schoolhouse and vineyards

Doffo Winery – Proud To Be Small

Tuesday, August 4th, 2009 |Posted by Tom Plant

My first few visits to Doffo Winery weren’t so memorable. The first time the fruit flies were out in full force. The second visit was better, but we still were not that impressed. Thanks goodness we kept hearing good things about Doffo, because the third time was a charm! I recently wrote about that visit (Exploring Temecula’s Boutique Wineries (Plus One Giant)) and after spending time with Marcelo Doffo and his son Damian, I decided I needed to go back and find out more about this special place. This past Saturday, I sat and drank coffee on their patio while Marcelo and Damian shared a mug of yerba mate. Read more...

Visit Doffo Winery

Follow Marcelo Doffo as he shows you around the smallest winery in Temecula Wine Country. His old-world passion and family history shines through as he makes excellent boutique wine in limited batches. To learn more, visit Doffo Winery.