Doffo Winery – Proud To Be Small

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Doffo Winery – Proud To Be Small

Tuesday, August 4th, 2009 |Posted by Tom Plant

My first few visits to Doffo Winery weren’t so memorable. The first time the fruit flies were out in full force. The second visit was better, but we still were not that impressed. Thanks goodness we kept hearing good things about Doffo, because the third time was a charm! I recently wrote about that visit (Exploring Temecula’s Boutique Wineries (Plus One Giant)) and after spending time with Marcelo Doffo and his son Damian, I decided I needed to go back and find out more about this special place. This past Saturday, I sat and drank coffee on their patio while Marcelo and Damian shared a mug of yerba mate.


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Follow Marcelo Doffo as he shows you around the smallest winery in Temecula Wine Country. His old-world passion and family history shines through as he makes excellent boutique wine in limited batches. To learn more, visit Doffo Winery.