The Gran Premio Argentino de Baquets 2016

We’re on the road again with Marcelo Doffo! This time Marcelo found himself in Argentina for the annual Argentine Grand Prix– a vintage car rally in the heart of the San Martin de los Andes in Patagonia. Marcelo Doffo and his brother Jorge both attended the event that took place from October 30th to November 6th. image1-6

This six day rally welcomed more than 49 vintage race cars- each required to be a 1939 model or older. Marcelo and Jorge had a Ford 1938 flat head, that had been modified to comply with the rules of the rally. All vehicles were required to maintain the vintage mechanics and aesthetics just like the cars that this race was inspired by. Participating cars were to be stripped of any unnecessary parts,  like the bumper or fender , in order to improve their weight to power ratio and increase speed.  


Marcelo and the rest of the participants would travel 1,710km from San Martin to a winery near Mendoza for the finish line. Along the way the car had a few issues..


When everyone arrived in Mendoza, champagne was opened to toast a job well done! Despite the difficulties with the car, Marcelo was still thrilled to share his passion for these classic cars and be involved in a race that took him back in time. Until the next adventure..Ciao!