What a Ride – Marcelo’s Royal Enfield

My trip to India is one that I will never forget. On my journey I was able to see incredible places and make new friends along the way…One friend I am sure to miss is the Royal Enfield Classic 500 I rode for the 17 days I spent in India. This is the story of how the bike and I bonded over 3000 km….

“We had arrived at our new place in the middle of the mountains and after a few beers we came to the conclusion that India may have about 400 million motorcycles on the road, yes 400 million! At times, all of them seem to be in the same intersection at once. Not only is it a great mode of transportation, it is very economical here. No matter where on the road you find yourself, at anytime you find a motorbike- which is what they call it here in India. It seems the Honda Hero is the most common, we see them in packs everywhere we go. The dealers have hundreds in stock and they cost less than a thousand dollars brand new, you can even pay your loan daily..yes DAILY.”

“Finally, it’s time to meet my bike-the Royal Enfield Classic 500, in the most beautiful turquoise color. The bike is new, but she has an old soul. A little slow, but plenty of torque, the brakes are not great so we can’t go over 65 MPH on the roads. Being in a foreign country and being on a motorcycle feel very similar…Both leave you feeling vulnerable. You’re exposed to all of the elements, with nothing but your freedom and the wind in your face. Riding through India on a motorbike is an incredible experience.”

“The riding position of this old yet modern Royal Enfield makes you feel a part of the scenery. I must say this bike is quite sweet and after all of the kilometers together,  I began to like it more and more. The sound of a single 500 cc, low RPMS and every roll of the throttle announces your presence with the enchanting sound of a back fire. This brings back memories of an old Gilera back in my home town of Argentina. India has banned all of the two stroke engines, like everybody else, even the Tuk-Tuks are diesel. The pace of the country in general is very slow..even when you order a beer  it takes 12 to 20 minutes. Everyone walks slow and even the animals on the road move slow. Riding on a bike that goes no more than 65MPH allowed me to slow down myself, and truly take notice of everything around me.”

“Together, my bike and I traveled 3000km–from villages, to temples and even the famous Taj Mahal! After all of these miles, I had become attached to my bike. I fell in love with the sound, the great riding position and the reliability of the bike. The Royal Enfield kept it simple with this bike, and I enjoyed sharing this adventure with her. Until we meet again..Ciao!”