The Thrill of the Race

The truth about racing is that it was always one of the things I wanted to do on my bucket list. In my early years in California, I had a Honda Elsinore and many off road bikes that were affordable to satisfy my need for speed. In 2001, I purchase my first new Ducati 900 SS and started riding it on the track. I enjoyed it very much. 

I also raced with Karts, all the way to shifters, and a Honda civic. But in my mind racing a motorcycle was a pending matter to materialize sooner or later. It wasn’t until my friend Steve Hatfield sold me a very nice Ducati 250, and got involved with AHRMA, a vintage racing series that truly got me into racing. Today, I race along with my son, Damian. We enjoy being on the track at the same time, and compete like real racers. As I always say, “When I have my helmet on, the race is on.” Racing is a rush very difficult to express and only another racer will understand, it keeps me young.

One thought on “Race

  1. Tim September 5, 2017 at 5:31 am

    Hey guys!!!
    I was reading about your passion for wine, racing and old bikes. Low and behold I spot the Honda 175 twin I built for my wife to race and later on I raced it in one of the pictures in Motorcycle Classics sitting in your shop!!!! Its the Red one #267. If you give me an email address to send pictures I can confirm to you with pictures! I think this is just wonderful that you guys have it. I purchased a bottle of your Malbec and in the note I was telling you I have won the Mid West #1 plate in 200GP, F125, and Sportsman 350. Then This morning notice that is my old race bike!. I have two other 200GP Bikes I built here with me still. They are built from 1968 Yamaha CT1 2 stroke singles. Anyway of you send an email address I’ll send you some pictures. Tim Kinsey # 12X

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