Marcelo in Italy-The Milano Taranto

Italian motorcycling pioneers Tazio Nuvolari and Bianchi Freccia Azzurra               (Photo courtesy of

Marcelo is back on the road and this time he landed in Italy to take part in the re-enactment of the famous Milano Taranto! The Milano -Taranto is a historic motorcycle race that ran from 1937 to 1940 and from 1950 to 1956 with the route stretching from Milan to Naples, and more specifically from Milano to Taranto. The race was deemed too dangerous after a series of unfortunate events in the racing world and brought to a halt in 1957.

In 1987, a group of passionate motorcycle enthusiasts decided to recreate the route and celebrate the classic machines that used to ride along it. The event now celebrates 31 years of keeping the spirit of Italian motorcycle racing alive. This year Marcelo decided to travel to Italy to do the ride himself! Read more...

A Trip with Toneleria National

Once again, Marcelo Doffo has traveled the world in search of fine wine and adventure!

This time Marcelo took an incredible trip to Chile and Argentina sponsored by Toneleria National, one of the biggest wine barrel manufacturers in the world. They graciously invited a small group of winemakers and winery owners from all over the world, including Canada, Texas, California and Baja. First, the group visited several wineries in Mendoza, Argentina, which is famous for the Malbec varietal. While in Mendoza the group was treated to stunning views of the majestic Aconcagua mountain, which forms part of the Andes mountain range and is the highest mountain outside of Asia. The mountain keeps a careful watch over this dense wine country, giving all who visit Mendoza a sense of wonder as they explore the city. Read more...

A Trip to Remember- Marcelo Travels to Argentina.

Where in the world is Marcelo Doffo? This time he traveled to his homeland of Argentina for a thrilling adventure that included plenty of riding, racing and Argentinian wine!

“The trip overall was one the most incredible riding experiences, with truly spectacular landscapes. We rode through an amazing tropical area of Misiones, with the red soil and deep green color of the tea plantations, to the flat lands of the Corrientes province where cattle ranches are miles upon miles long, with cows as far as the eye can see. Then we went on to the dense wild forest, just north of the Salta province. We rode on the original “Ruta Nacional #9”, one of the oldest roads to Buenos Aires which is 2500 kilometers long from Salta to Jujuy, where it is only 4 feet wide at its widest!” Read more...

Dinner with MotoGP Stars Jorge Lorenzo and Andrea Dovizioso

It’s no secret that our family has a love of motorcycles and motorcycle racing. So when an opportunity arose to host two of the biggest stars in the MotoGP race world at our winery, we jumped at the chance to welcome them! Both Jorge Lorenzo and Andrea Dovizioso stopped by for two separate evenings filled with good food, great wine and of course, plenty of race talk!

Through some unique networking, I was able to connect with the race stars and start a conversation over, what else- motorcycles! First, there was World Champion and Ducati Factory Team racer Andrea Dovizioso. I was actually introduced to Read more...

The First Moto Doffo Strider Race

Recently Doffo Winery and Moto Doffo hosted it’s first Supermoto and Strider Event. The event took place during the The WAR Supermoto series, which is Southern California’s premier Supermoto race series. For those who aren’t familiar with what Strider Bikes are, they are lightweight all-terrain bikes that build two-wheeled balance, coordination, and confidence in children! On February 12th, parents and their tiny racer’s arrived at Adam’s Motorsports Park in Riverside to kick off the first event, and it just so happens that Damian Doffo was able to participate in a Supermoto race that same day as well! Damian shares with us how he came up with idea to start the races and how the first event went down! Read more...

What a Ride – Marcelo’s Royal Enfield

My trip to India is one that I will never forget. On my journey I was able to see incredible places and make new friends along the way…One friend I am sure to miss is the Royal Enfield Classic 500 I rode for the 17 days I spent in India. This is the story of how the bike and I bonded over 3000 km….

“We had arrived at our new place in the middle of the mountains and after a few beers we came to the conclusion that India may have about 400 million motorcycles on the road, yes 400 million! At times, all of them seem to be in the same intersection at once. Not only is it a great mode of transportation, it is very economical here. No matter where on the road you find yourself, at anytime you find a motorbike- which is what they call it here in India. It seems the Honda Hero is the most common, we see them in packs everywhere we go. The dealers have hundreds in stock and they cost less than a thousand dollars brand new, you can even pay your loan daily..yes DAILY.” Read more...

Introducing: The Moto Doffo Art Series

Marcelo Doffo brings together his two greatest loves : motorcycles and wine! This month, Doffo Winery released it’s 2013 Moto Doffo Art Series, a propriety red blend that delivers big flavor and easy drinkability.  To celebrate this release, Marcelo and Doffo Winery created a series of bottles that display like works of art.

Inspired by Marcelo’s MotoDoffo Vintage Motorcycle Collection, the new MotoDoffo Art Series pays homage to founder Marcelo Doffo’s love and passion for vintage machines. Four unique labels make up this limited edition series, each adorned with one of Marcelo’s most prized motorcycles. All small-displacement Ducatis from the 1950-60s, these bikes first captured the imagination of a young Marcelo Doffo as he grew up in rural Argentina. The vibrant color’s are captured beautifully on each bottle. Read more...

The Journey to India- Part 3- The Towns, The People, The Cows.

Marcelo Doffo’s trip to India continues as he and his companions explore new towns, meet new people and even do a little hard bargaining!

“Yesterday we went to the town of Bikaner, which at first seemed just like a any other crowded town..Until we went to the market and whole new world opened up. As we approached the market, we began to sneeze and our eyes started to water, it was the spices area! It stretched on for a couple of hundred yards, one stand right after another of the most exclusive and rare spices in the world-you name it, they had it. Read more...

The Journey to India- Part 2- What to Avoid While Riding in India

IMG-20170116-WA0001 (1)

It’s time for the second part of Marcelo Doffo’s journey to India! After a quick stop in London, Marcelo touched down at his destination. After meeting with his guide Manish, he picked up his bike: a beautiful blue Classic 500 Royal Enfield that he would be riding for the duration of his trip. Anxious to get to the gathering, Marcelo and his companions hopped on their bikes and made their way into town. Here’s what happened next, according to Marcelo himself.

“We woke up at the hotel at 6 a.m, dressed and finally got on the road by 6.45 am, trying to beat the traffic…the traffic as they called it was more like a nightmare! It was still dark outside, but already busy as we followed our guide Manish to the highway.  For the first few hours it’s hard not to think you’re on the wrong side of the road, but after awhile we started to relax. The traffic was not bad at first, but by the time we made it 5 miles on our trip, the chaos began. Here is the list of what you have to negotiate your way around when you drive in India and their priorities according to size”–
1. Big trucks.
2. Tractors very very many.
3. Small trucks.
4. Cars.
5. Millions of motorcycles.
6. Pedestrians.
7. Dogs.
8. Many, many cows.
9. Goats.
10. Pigs.
11. Donkeys.
12. Sheep herds.

The Journey to India- Part 1-Miami

The Blue Diana that started it all.

It’s no surprise that Marcelo Doffo leads an exciting life! This month he will travel to India to do riding tour on newer model Royal Enfield and along the way he will be making a few stops, the first one in Miami, Florida.

This all began with a lady named Diana, a blue Ducati Diana that is. Marcelo himself tells us the story-

“About two years ago, after a long time searching for the blue Diana, I found her. There she was on EBAY for sale by a man named Sergio. I bought the bike and started a friendship with Sergio, an Italian from Rome who now owned a mechanic shop in a town near Miami. Sergio’s shop specializes in rare vintage Ferrari’s and other models like Lancia, Alfa Romeo and Maseratti. For two years we kept in touch and promised we would meet each other in person one day, so when the time came to plan my trip to India, I decided this was the perfect opportunity to stop over in Miami along the way.  I boarded a cruise ship and headed south.” Read more...